If eyes are the windows to the soul, what are windows to our world? Think about the views you wake up to from your bedroom or the ones you see when seated at a seaside restaurant, they are framed and living photographs.

At Jarida we understand that a window is far more than just an opening in the wall - it is your view. Doors too, they open onto pathways; they lead us into homes or out into the world.

So when it comes to handcrafting your view to the world or your path out into it, Jarida is the name to remember. A trusted company in the Pretoria area for over a quarter of a century, we specialize in the manufacture of high quality  windows and doors. We have the perfect material to suit your framing needs.

We aim at building solid long-term relationships with our valued clients, thereby ensuring that the growth and success achieved through the on-going quality of our service and products is mutually beneficial. We assure you that there are quality door and window frames for you, whatever your taste or preference.

- Ideal medium for windows and doors in South AFRICA
- Durable and weather resistant and require very little maintenance
- Available in 4 standard colours and endless variety of custom colours
- Have a modern, streamlined design
- Are customizable - particularly for unusual openings
- Will meet all your environmental regulations
- Currently the most cost-effective option on the South African market